Step 1: Launch the application and log in to your account

00. Application Login Manual

Step 2: Navigate to the Calendar Tab

Step 3: Laboratory Resource Selection

  1. In the Calendar Tab, you'll find the "Laboratory resource" dropdown menu, which retains your previous selections from the last session. If you wish to reset your selection, press the reset button.
  2. To select specific laboratory resources, click on the "Lab Resources" option from the dropdown list. You can use full-text search by typing in keywords to find the resources you need. You can choose multiple resources by selecting them one by one.

  3. Alternatively, if you want to add multiple resources related to a specific project, use the "Select Project for Adding Resources" dropdown. Choose the desired project and then click the "Add Resources" button. This option will automatically add all the relevant laboratory resources associate
  4. Verify the selection by confirming that the chosen resource is displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Applying Additional Filters to Calendar Events

  1. In the Calendar Tab, you can enhance your event visibility by applying additional filters:
  • Filter Events by Project: When you select a specific project from the 'Filter Events by Project' dropdown, the calendar will display only events associated with that chosen project."
  • Filter Events by User: To view events associated with a particular user, select the user from the "Filter Events by User" dropdown.
  • Filter Events by Operator: For events involving a specific operator, pick the operator from the "Filter Events by Operator" dropdown.

By combining these filters, you can narrow down your calendar view to show only events that meet all your specified conditions. This ensures that you have a clear and customized overview of events that align with your chosen project, user, and operator criteria.

Step 4: Create new Booking

  1. Select desired Date and Time View
  2. Double-click on the selected timeframe to trigger the new booking form.
  3. Fill the Booking Form
  4. In the booking form, you will find several fields that need to be filled out - tart by entering the relevant information in the mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk (*)
      1. Experiment / Analysis description: Provide a brief and descriptive title for your booking.
      2. Start Date: The reservation's starting date and time.

      3. End Date: The reservation's's ending date and time. 

      4. Repeat: For recurring events.
      5. Notes: Additional information or details about the reservation / analysis. 
      6. Instrumentation / Equipment: The specific laboratory resource being booked (one or more)

      7. Project / Service: Associate the reservation with a specific project (one or more). Only projects associated with selected laboratory resource are shown.

      8. Operators: The individuals who will be responsible for performing the analysis or tasks associated with the laboratory resource or event (one or more). Only individuals trained or qualified are shown. 

      9. User: The individual responsible for booking (owner of booking). Field is automatically populated with the name of the logged-in user 

  5. After filling in the mandatory fields, ensure that all the information provided is correct.

  6. Finally, click the "Done" button to complete the booking process.
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