There is possibility to export Compounds and Assays results to the simple Excel

Selecting Compounds

To choose compounds for export you can use Compound cart (similar to an eshop cart).

  • Select compounds by mouse and Shift or Ctrl key

  • To add selected compounds to the cart use the menu Add selected compounds to cart

  • Compounds remain in the cart until you remove them using Empty compound cart
    • Note: before you start your next export do not forget empty your cart

  • To edit compound cart use menu Edit compound cart
    • LEM list must be comma separated and only valid form LEMs are allowed (LEMnnnnnnnn - 8 digits).
    • Do not forget use button Update LEM list to store changes in cart.
    • Note: invalid LEMs formats are removed from the cart during updating.
    • There is nor check if the LEM exist in Portal neither you have access rights to this compound, but inaccessible compounds are not exported

Starting export job

  • By pressing button Start Export selected and cart compounds

    currently selected compounds are added to the cart and Export window appears:
  • You can set export name for each export. Name is only used in Portal and is not part of the exported Excel.
  • You can also edit compounds in cart.

Selecting fields for export

In the Compound and Assay tree you can see all fields what can be exported. Some fields are preselected by default. There you can change selection of export fields. Idea behind this selection is:

e.g. Assay Cell Cycle Analyses - Flow Cytometry will export in following settings these fields: for each compound in cart will be exported columns with data for Cell Line CCRF-CEM and Concentration among first 3 (sorted ascending) and values sub-G1 Avg, G0/G1 Avg, etc.


  • Note: you have to create valid selection. That means you have to select at least one item from each subcategory: Cell Line, Concentration and Data.
  • Note: currently there is not possibility to save selection of export fields.

Start Export

By pressing button Start Export, the export job is scheduled and performed on the server. You can continue working with Portal and also start another export.

There is following information about running export:

  • Short indication that export has started:

  • Running dot in menu Export 

  • In the menu Export you can see progress of the last started export

  • You can download last Export from the menu when it is ready. Or you can open dialog with all exports via menu item Show all Exports.

  • There is list of all exports you have run within last 7 days including information about progress

  • Double click on the export line will download and open any export with status ready, even repeatedly.

Exported Excel

Exported excel is very simple data oriented excel where:

  • in multiline header are selected fields names and
  • in the data below the header are values from the Portal.

 Values are rounded to 2 significant digits, same as in the Portal. There is no divider between Compound and each Assay, you could found it by the header.

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